Truman: “The buck stops here.” Trump: “The bull starts here.”

If the media gives me too much guff, I’ll hold another rally for my lies.

     Let’s face it, President Donald J. Trump is nothing but a cheap huckster. And what he’s selling is himself. He led off his ego fluffing 100 day rally on Saturday night by blasting the media, and he went back to them over and over again throughout the evening. He absolutely hates the press. And so do his slavish Trombies.

     Look, I had an absolutely miserable first marriage. The only good things that came out of my 22 years with her was my four girls. And while I don’t actually “hate” her, I’ve been perfectly happy to have gone almost 15 years without clapping eyes on her once. That’s what you do with people you don’t like, and have no time for, you just stay away from them.

     But Der Gropinfuhrer absolutely loathes the press. So please, somebody tell me, why does he keep running to them constantly, like a retarded puppy looking for a treat? He did it again yesterday, running to CBS for an interview with Jon Dickerson on “Face the Nation”. As much as he hates the press, I’m surprised that he didn’t walk out with latex gloves, a surgical gown and mask before he sat down across from that icky reporter.

     Trump couldn’t make a better hash if his name was “Corned Beef”. Of course he blamed the media for all of his stupid shit, which is something I have never been able to understand. How do you trash a coworker in front of the whole company with him or her sitting right across the table from you? But The Guardian, in their ARTICLE caught several of his juicier tidbits;

On CBS, Trump said the opposite would happen. “We actually have a clause that guarantees” coverage for preexisting conditions, he said. “We’ve set up a pool for the pre-existing conditions so that the premiums can be allowed to fall … We cover it beautifully.”

Trump also reiterated his promise not to make changes to Medicare, the nation’s health insurance for older and disabled people which many Republicans would target for cuts.

“I’m not going to touch it,” he said, “because I said it.” He then quickly backtracked, saying he would alter parts of Medicare that allowed waste, fraud or abuse.

     OK, it’s hard to even know where to start with stupid like this. There’s only 2 ways that I know of for the GOP to lower health insurance costs for healthy people by creating a “high risk pool”, which will create an insurance company reaction like throwing a handful of corn into a Koi pond. One is for the government to set up a “slush fund” to subsidize people like me with preexisting conditions to make it affordable for us. With what little I know, it seems to me that this would cost the government about as much as the current ACA system subsidies are costing them. The other would be that it is all total bullshit, the healthy will get cheap insurance, and they’ll wanna charge me $25K a year for coverage. Make America Great Again asshole.

     I just love the bloviating on Medicare. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, in the same handful of sentences. First he says that he’s not gonna fuck with Medicare cuz he said he wouldn’t. Then, in the next breath, he says he will fuck with Medicare in places that allowed “waste, fraud or abuse”. This would mean that the only part of Medicare that would not get fucked with would be the customer service call center. Because, moron, when you’re dealing with an entity that deals with the public, provides a service, and then pays for that service, there is always going to be the potential for waste, fraud and abuse!

     By now he was hitting his groove, which means that the bullshit was flying at supersonic speed. He covered his ass on the deficit explosion that his tax cuts will create by explaining that he will screw over his foreign country business partners by taking them to the cleaners in negotiations on already existing trade deals. And then he let fly with this particular nugget of gold;

Blaming Democrats for the slow pace at which he has assembled his administration, Trump said: “The Democrats are extremely obstructionist. All they do is obstruct. All they do is delay … and you know what that’s hurting? It’s hurting the country.”

     You have got to be kidding me! Trump is blaming the Democrats for slowing down the pace? It’s the Democrats who are extreme obstructionists, all they do is obstruct? I know Trump is a “political novice”, but he must have been in a Mar-A-Lago Bacon cheeseburger grease coma for the last eight years of the McConnell Senate. How do you think you got that SCOTUS pick idjit? This clown makes PT Barnum look like a choirboy.

     There is one more thing I have to touch on here, simply because it brilliantly displays the almost infantile inability of this man to discern between a possibly cataclysmic war scenario and a simple game of risk. In discussing dealing with North Korea, Trump laid it all on the line, no prisoners taken;

The president declined to outline how his administration planned to confront the growing nuclear threat posed by North Korea, though he did not rule out preemptive military action. He also said he was willing to sacrifice more favorable trade deals with China in return for help.

“If China can help us with North Korea, and can solve that problem, that’s worth making not as good a trade deal for the United States, excuse me, right?” he said.

     OK, let me make sure I’ve got this straight here President Numbnuts. You’re not willing to take preemptive action off of the table, you’re willing to risk a nuclear confrontation with North Korea, possibly vaporizing a couple of million people in Seoul and Tokyo cuz you gotta swing your big dick, but you’ll forget it if China fixes the problem for you. And since the Chinese might hear this, you’ll throw them a cookie by cunningly letting them know via the US media, you sly ol’ dog you, that we’ll let them keep right on screwing us in our trade deal as a reward if they do it. Last time I checked, China was one of our biggest trading partners, so, if they’re gonna keep on screwing us over, that’s gonna make it kinda hard to offset all of those tax cuts for all of your rich shitpoke buddies, isn’t it? Maybe you can sign a trade agreement with like Zimbabwe or somebody, and hope to get lucky with the mineral rights.

      It seems to me, having covered the monstrosity in Harrisburg on Saturday night, is that there really isn’t any difference between the shit Trump spits out in a rally, and the shit he belches out to a reporter in an interview. Personally, I prefer the interview setting, since it means I won’t have to listen to a few thousand brainless twits screaming and chanting “USA! USA!” for an hour.
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