Through Sec

4 of 25th Amendment, Pence Can Replace Trump in a Single Day. Part of the Grand Plan?

A complicit Republican Party is being dragged down the drain by Trump’s whirlpool of lies, ineptitude, and blatant disregard for the law. The longer they support this shallow, narcissistic man the more long-term damage they do to their brand. Letting Trump off leash initially has been perfect for the GOP as they ram through their CORPservative cabinet picks. Between bizarre tweets and a flurry of signing statements, Trump has provided more than enough effective distractions to act as cover for presidential advisor Steve Bannon to set up the cogs of government to his liking.

But hasn’t that grand plan been laying the ground for a President Pence all along? A perfect CORPservative, pious with a corporate bias, Pence with his long-standing ties to the billionaire Koch brothers will be able to tilt America towards true Republio-Fascism. Safeguards against corporate domination and destruction of the environment will come crashing down. Monopoly capitalism, Wall Street banking mayhem, and privatization of everything from our roads to Social Security are only a few months away.

Pence can deliver on that dream, whereas Trump can cost those backing the Republican coup literally trillions collectively if they don’t time their Trumpectomy just right. The Donald has proven to be the loosest of cannons, alienating enemies and allies alike. And international uncertainty means the stock markets worldwide are on edge, waiting for the first shoe to drop. Every American export is vulnerable to the bad will Trump unwittingly escalates.

So the GOP has to act quickly or risk a 3000 or 4000 dip in the stock market and a possible depression. If all other GOP ducks are in a row, Pence himself has the power. When the time is deemed right, he can initiate the protocol of Sec. 4 of the 25th Amendment which reads:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

What are the ramifications of such an extreme act, shoving Trump immediately out of the White House? Normally, on an international level, such a move would be severely destabilizing. But for the world over it is more likely to be an immense sigh of relief. More importantly for the Republican Party, they get to claim the high ground in saving us all from a blatant despot while slipping in a more secretive one. Already in place will be the cabinet sympathetic to their goals, and perhaps a Supreme Court Justice to insure their agenda.

It will be like the Wicked Witch’s guards, freed from the spell of Trump’s dark magic, handing the broom to Dorothy. The symbol of evil is vanquished, but they still get to run the castle and all it entails. With a complicit media ready to mirror their framing, they’ll be heroes while keeping America on the same dark path.

How will Trump react to his extraction? He’ll be able to cry foul in a thousand ways and twice as many tweets. But secretly, this might just be what he wants. His minions will be outraged, becoming a ready-made audience when he launches Trump TV. Roger Ailes is probably waiting for the green light to pull it all together as soon as his extraction is imminent. Then Trump could breathe a sigh of relief, relegated to a mere figurehead once again where all the heavy lifting doesn’t fall on him. His approach to the presidency has already proven just how lazy he is, not caring to be thorough on his examination of critical issues that hold mankind itself in the balance.

I feel he never really wanted the presidency anyway. Losing the election that he claimed was rigged would’ve seen Trump TV hit the ground running.

My guess is that Trump was anticipating that kind of outcome, but the GOP elite said, “Hold on, we can make sure you win.” They had Crosscheck already deployed, ultimately kicking 1.1 million voters off the voting roles and onto provisional ballots solely at the whims of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and his conspirators in other states where elections were controlled by Republicans. The rationale for these voter purges? Voters had the same first and last names in different states. Ethnic names like Juan Ramirez and Tyrone Jackson and Tim Chow. Kobach theorized that they must be trying to vote in different states, and all need to be investigated. And while under investigation, these million voters can’t be allowed to vote on anything but provisional ballots. And each state has a myriad of hoops to jump through to get that class of vote counted. My guess is that virtually no one was told the protocol for getting their votes counted at the precinct.

Greg Palast, the investigative reporter for the UK’s The Guardian and Rolling Stone has written a book and done a movie about this topic, explaining the process long before November. He foreshadowed the political world we now have to endure. Check out his website at and arm yourself with plenty of damning facts for your next right-winger encounter.

There is no doubt that Crosscheck was the insurance with which the GOP could secure victory. In the swing states Trump won, the number of voters pushed to provisional ballots by Crosscheck exceeded the margin of victory by factors of 3 up to more than 10 to 1.

And those million investigations? Not happening. But a simple check of middle names and birthdates would’ve cleared every single voter on the list of an intent to commit voter fraud. When Trump said people are “voting four or five times,” he was trying to validate the Crosscheck strategy.

So Republicans have a stooge in the White House that they need to banish to Mar-a-Lago, and fast.

The question is, just how will he not fracture the Republican Party in the process? My guess is that they’ll get Trump to target a few powerful politicians, likely those nearing retirement like Mitch McConnell and they’ll be the scapegoats. Trump won’t be allowed to taint the GOP brand further by decrying the party in general. And if Trump can reel in Democrats like new Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, all the better.

The delicate part of this is how the GOP will be able to claim that high ground. It can’t happen all at once and be believable. They’ll have to build a gentle track record of dissent over the perceived Trump agenda. Who will they choose to nudge Humpty Trumpty first?

Once the deed is done, they’ll still hold leverage over Trump. Even after he’s left office, a President can be impeached with all his dirty dealings brought out anew with nobody to sweep Trump’s travesties under the carpet.

So when will Trump be ousted? I’d connect my over/under to the stock market and say Trump will be dumped if the Dow goes down below 18,500. Wonder if Vegas is posting odds yet…

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