This was the Republican congress..

Don’t blame Obama… Poor with kids? WAIT on Tax Refund.

Making Poverty Bigly again !
More assault on the working poor and this was The Republicans that did this. Yes, yes, Ronald Reagan helped the working poor with this tax incentive and relief but the new Republicans don’t think too highly in reality of Ronald Reagan’s help for the poor.

I want every single person who voted republican to know…THIS is what you voted for by voting republican. They can’t wait to starve you and your kids out of existence.

Americans have grown accustomed to getting substantial tax refunds soon after they file their returns, especially if they turn in their paperwork early. But starting with the coming filing season, that won’t be possible for many low-income households. Congress has required the IRS to delay all refunds containing an earned income tax credit (EITC) or additional child tax credit (ACTC, the refundable portion of the child tax credit) until at least February 15.

The delay—which applies only to EITC and ACTC filers and affects their entire refund, not just the portion coming from the two credits—is intended to give IRS time to verify income on these returns since employer’s are now required to file information returns by January 31 (previously they had until March). This could help IRS detect and prevent fraud. But holding refunds may harm already vulnerable families. And there is little evidence that it will improve administration of the programs, especially given the tight resource constraints the IRS faces.

Last year, more than three-quarters of tax filers received a refund, either thanks to refundable credits like the EITC or because their employers withheld more tax than they owed.…

What the poor did not know but will soon find out. Donald J. Trump goes even further than the Republican congress. His tax plan eliminates the Head of Household exemption BUT one can get a tax credit if you pay for childcare but first one has to have a good job and earn about 75K to qualify.


Don’t blame the Democratic party or President Obama. This was the Republicans and proposals of Donald J. Trump. A swell guy who doesn’t pay taxes and doesn’t give a damn about you and your hunger or plight…. Get used to it…. You won’t have healthcare either.…

Read on with Trump’s tax plan.. If the kid is 13 or older..maybe they should just move out, get a job and rent an apartment as they won’t be able to qualify on the tax return. At 13 …I guess they are not dependents.( snark..sort of)
Trump’s plan eliminates the head of household filing status, which provides a larger deduction than the single deduction. That could increase taxes for some single parents. Large families also could pay more in taxes, because Trump’s plan, which raises the standard deduction, eliminates personal exemptions. That could increase taxes for some families with three or more children. Trump’s plan cuts off his average $5,000 child care tax deduction at age 13, so families with older children likely would not have their tax bills cut by 30 percent or 35 percent.
Separately, a Trump TV ad also claims his plan includes an average “$5,000 tax reduction” for child care expenses. It’s a tax deduction — which lowers the amount of income subject to taxes — not a “reduction,” or what’s called a tax credit, off the taxes owed.

To be sure, Trump’s tax plan proposes tax cuts at all income levels, on average, according to analyses by both the Tax Foundation and the Tax Policy Center. But an average tax cut doesn’t mean that every household gets one.

Donald Trump is smart because he doesn’t pay taxes….. That is for the little people. No he has not taken office but his republican minons have been there since 2014 and in big numbers. His tax plan is already in place. Tax cuts are for the rich…didn’t you understand that part when voting?
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