The tax return petition

I just signed the “I am not a reporter, and I want to see Donald Trump’s tax returns” petition (…).  I seem to have  different  thoughts about this crook’s tax return than most people.

I suspect trump is refusing to reveal his returns because it is hiding a very sneaky fraud and maybe money-laundering scheme to avoid paying some taxes. It is not just his personal taxes people need to see. People need to see corporate tax returns.

Why do I have suspicions? I have read and heard about the businesses that have worked with trump. There have not been to many story in recent days. I wonder why? The story is always the same. Keep in mind I am not a tax expert of any kind. I just smell a rat.

Trump and company hire a contractor to perform certain work. Lets us say it is for $1,000,000 as an example. The contractor does the work and trump says it is garbage and does not pay. This leads to two solutions:

1 — The vendor does nothing and goes away leaving trump with $1,000,000 of work done for free and saves $1,000,000. This is similar to a gift to me: someone gave trump $1,000,000 of work for free. This $1,000,000 “gift“ to the company is never reported to the IRS. No taxes paid.

2 — The vendor sues and the settlement (which almost always seems to happen)  is for maybe $60,000. Trump keeps $1,000,000-$60,000=$40,000. Trump just got $1,000,000 of work for $40,000.

Getting a bad contractor a few times during the year does not sound unreasonable for an organization as large as trump claims it is. The problem is it seems to happen over and over. It seems to be serial.  Just like a serial killer, rapist or any other criminal who demonstrates the same pattern of repeated behavior, trump seems to hit a lot of bad contractors: over and over and over…. How can he stay in business with all this horrible luck?

The $40,000 in the example doesn’t sound like much when you talk about this person claiming to be a billionaire. How many times per year does he do this? How long has this been going on?

One week in 2016 and before the suspected news blackout on this subject, I read about 4 contractor complaining about trump and 1 saying he did not have a problems and got paid. I also saw 2 different ones on TV complaining about trump. One or two had not settled at that time as I recall. I think they covered multiple years and projects. So, if all 6 settled for $40,000, trump got $6,000,000 of work for his business for $240,000. Is it a tax free “gift” of $5,760,000? The serial nature of the activity is hidden (laundered) by the individual settlements.

What if the tax free gift only $3,000,000/year (75 contractors) for 10 years? Now its $30,000,000/year plus the interest that savings must earn. He might pay some taxes on the interest (yea right!) but not on the $30,000,000/year. This does not count the vendor who don’t or can’t do anything about the issue (solution 1). How many inferior contractors does the poor jerk get stuck with all the time?

I’m leaving on little detail out deliberately.

Any tax experts out there to comment on my conspiracy? 

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