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The chances of anyone ending up owing the IRS back taxes are the highest.

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  • We know how difficult it is to focus on the IRS when you’re constantly on the road. It makes the case worse when you are a truck driver like Robert D. With the pressure to meet deadlines, the need for repairs and maintenance, and the hazards of the road, it was impossible for him to make the IRS a priority, owing to which he had to face issues surrounding the past 10 years of filing, in addition to experiencing financial hardships since 2011. The IRS prepared tax return which was the worst possible amount you can have on file, with aggressive collection notices for $1,200,000.00. In a situation of failing to pay the amount, the IRS also threatened his income and assets. When he came to Alliance Tax Advocate, we immediately realized he was candidate for a settlement. Post filling out a financial questionnaire and providing the required documentation, we put a hold on the collections and stop the IRS from increasing the collection proceedings. We built an extensive financial packet to help client qualify for a relief program. With an extensive negotiation with the IRS, we were able to stop all collection procedures against Robert. Alliance was able to proof his inability to pay the tax liability due to his financial hardship.
  • We understand that so many of our retired customers face financial difficulties due to limited income. It is difficult enough to cover day to day expenses and the last thing one can do is pay back state taxes that have accumulated over the course of several years. The threatening collection letters keep piling up and the fear of losing all you worked for through working years make matters much worse affecting health and quality of life. In addition to the threatening letters, the state collection entity was threatening his income and assets. When he signed up with Alliance Tax Advocate, we immediately put a hold in the collection procedures and began working the steps towards a settlement. Post filling out a financial questionnaire and providing supporting documents we were able to build an extensive financial packet to assist the client in qualifying for a hardship program. Through extensive negotiation with the local collection agency we were able to stop all collection practices against Edward. Alliance was able to proof his inability to pay the full liability amount.
    Edward B

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Our company stands tall with an aim to fight for our clients, take our job seriously and your case personal. We offer finest resolution at all times, even at times when the dialogue is too true and bold for you to hear. As a client you will get the best comprehensive solution with us. Our management’s leadership who served our nations ‘military with pride, honor and valor demands honesty, integrity and attention to detail and best interest at heart for our clients in every step of the way.

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