Repealing the ACA Is a Huge Tax Cut For the Wealthy

A typical Republican beneficiary

Republicans have been railing against the ACA since the law was nothing more than a concept. From that time on, they’ve made a crusade out of first blocking it and then repealing it. They label it a disaster and keep trumpeting the idea that it allegedly increases premiums and costs, that it allegedly kills jobs, hurts ordinary Americans blahblahblah. Standard Republican talking points.

But Republican policies are never geared towards helping ordinary Americans. Their priority is always to help the wealthiest. Their every economic plan is centered around tax cuts for the 1%, and better yet, for the .01%. And why should the ACA be any different?

It turns out that it’s not. Repealing the ACA would give a $7 million dollar tax break to those at the top . Throwing 20 million Americans off the rolls of the insured is just some unfortunate collateral damage. If the poor and the middle class gets hurt, so be it. Because now we know the REAL reason Republicans are so eager to get rid of the law.

The Republican Party has mastered the art of conning the American people. With control of the White House and Congress, there’s a real good chance that they’ll succeed in their quest of repealing the ACA. But we must hold them accountable. We must get the truth out there so everyone understands exactly what they’ve done and exactly who they serve.

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