Publicly Funded Healthcare Plan To Be Released

The Plan

Over the weekend, I will be releasing on DailyKos a detailed plan for Publicly Funded Healthcare, where all essential healthcare is paid by the federal government out of a progressive tax. In the poll over the last two days (with 67 votes), almost half of respondents favored single-payer healthcare. Nearly 90% of respondents favor a plan that’s more progressive than ACA. I’m repeating the poll today to gather additional answers.

Publicly Funded Healthcare is a much stronger competitor to Republican proposals than ACA. The Republican attempts to repeal ACA provides an enormous opportunity to move forward on healthcare.  We can get to fair, universal, affordable healthcare with Publicly Funded Healthcare and actually solve the healthcare crisis that ACA was intended to solve.

Anyone interested in healthcare should take a look at Publicly Funded Healthcare. This is the time to move forward and put this problem behind us, once and for all.

Help Out

They only way to make good on your dreams is to work on them. If you don’t, they evaporate when you open your eyes.

So, if you have expertise on healthcare, especially if you have experience with healthcare costs or access to information, and you want to be part of a truly progressive healthcare solution, go ahead and contact me on DailyKos. Let’s get this off the launch pad!

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