Private education is better than public education.

Who says? The private educators.

Why? The assumption is that if you pay for something free, you get something better. However, there is no way to compare. Public schools accept everybody and private schools get to choose. Private schools can expel anyone they don’t like. Private schools can admit only students who are headed for college and then brag about how they educated them. Private education costs less because they do not have to have  licensed staff, they do not pay as much, and they do not have expensive technical and vocational departments or special education.

Even though one gets one’s morals from home, parochial schools love to say that they are “teaching morals.”

Most of all, though, private schools are just that. They don’t need to give out figures, use the same tests, or tell anything they don’t want. Public schools are just the opposite. Except for individual student scores, everything they do is public.

Teachers at private schools do not need to be licensed as at public schools. Public schools have to hire qualified teachers (at least on paper) and be willing to say it publicly. Standards at public schools are open to public debate while for the private school, not so much.

The reason that Republicans push private schools (including funding them) is an attempt to tear down public schools. You see, public schools take tax money. You get rid of public schools, you have a whole lot of tax money to refund to the very wealthy. If private schools are funded, they get less money than the public schools they are taking the money from.

Plus, the private schools are not so much on critical thinking. Public schools do not do a very good job of critical thinking, but it has some. Critical thinking is the terror of the right wing. Private schools are much more likely to rely on authority–especially the Bible in parochial schools (and rely on authority to read and interpret that book).

Parental choice is the motto of the Republicans. And a lot of those choices are based on “moral teaching” and “traditional values.” Even as we enter a time when the “traditional values” of the 1980’s and 1990’s are as irrelevant as the “traditional values” of the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Private schools did not work out as national policy in the 1800’s and they will not work out as national policy in the 21st Century.

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