PA-Gov: Tom Wolf (D) Mounts Pressure On GOP General Assembly To Pass A Gas & Oil Severance Tax

Gubernatorial candidate, State Senator Scott Wagner (R. PA), has been leading the call to block a gas & oil severance tax to preven Governor Tom Wolf (D. PA) from being re-elected.

Received this e-mail today from Governor Tom Wolf’s (D. PA) re-election campaign:

Gov. Tom Wolf (D. PA)

Despite booming production, Pennsylvania is the only major gas-producing state in the country without a tax on natural gas. Even Texas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have a severance tax to help fund education and other key priorities.

Instead of doing what’s right for the people of Pennsylvania, State Senator Scott Wagner, who is also a Republican candidate for governor, was caught on tape conspiring with Republican legislative leaders to block a shale tax all for the purposes of defeating Governor Wolf in next year’s election. It represents the worst of what infuriates people about the politicians in Harrisburg.

“Stan, you cannot let this severance tax get through… because if that happens the governor is going to get reelected. Stan, you take that to the bank.” — State Senator Scott Wagner (R-York)

This quote shows that Republicans like Wagner don’t care about balancing our budget, growing our economy, or any of the other pressing issues facing our state. It’s about politicians in Harrisburg putting their own interests before serving the people.

I’m fed up with the Republicans who claim to care about balanced budgets when all they actually care about is advancing their own political ambitions, no matter the consequences to everyday Pennsylvanians.

If you are too, add your name to the petition and tell Harrisburg to pass a severance tax on the oil and gas industry so we can balance the budget and continue to make investments in education, infrastructure, and job training.

Thank you,


Jeff Sheridan
Campaign Manager
Tom Wolf for Governor

Click here to add your name.

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