One Glaring Reason that Points Towards Trump leaking his 2005 taxes.

A good year right?

Last night like millions of Americans I tuned in to hear Rachael Maddow’s special report on 45s tax report. It was clear to me at least that she was constructing a case leading into the revelation that some of his returns were in their possession. After the introduction my spouse turned to me and said “Alright already! I want to know whats in his taxes!” It was then Rachael showed the 2005 top line pages and conferred with David Cay Johnston, the investigative reporter that got the tax tip. 

Johnston did not rule out that Trump might have leaked his own taxes.

When I first hear about this I thought my spouse had said it was his 2015 taxes. My heart grew aflutter. The prospect of having a glimpse into how foreign governments, wealthy oligarchs, and criminal cartels had their hands on the orange cheeto was terribly exciting. When I realized it was the year 2005, rather than 2015 I was sorely disappointed.

I remembered 2005 for Trump.

I do not think that Rachael Maddow got punked. Her reporting was exceptional and I could see many of the stories that have been featured prominently on the recommended list being included in her journalism.

Now, why is 2005 important? It’s quite possibly one of the few years in Trumps entire life that he could be shown to be making a profit.

The Apprentice season 1 had just finished and season 2 was underway. Season 2 was the only one I ever watched. I thought the different, disgusting standard, in which he judged the women contestants, and ultimately picked the republican Kendra was horrible. That woman who frankly, fit the perfect definition of falling upwards on the show, only won because her opponent failed to give George Pataki an American flag after having arranged the entire NYC lobbying effort to bring The Olympic Games to NYC. Her opponent Kendra, had to set up a video game room for Playstation.  It sure was a fare competition. 

That was all I ever needed to know that Trump was unqualified and that his decision making process was deeply flawed. I never watched another season.

Most likely his administration leaked the top line of 2005 because it’s Trumps most successful. This is quite frankly, just the tip.

If there was going to be a year that made Trump look like a success, it would be 2005. Namely, due to his reality TV success on NBC.

This really bolsters the case that it was his administration that leaked it. The White house actually had a semi cogent response when Maddow asked them if the tax returns were valid. What does that ever happen?

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