NM-Sen: Martin Heinrich (D) Exposes How The GOP Is Using Tax Reform To Gut The Affordable Care Act

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich’s (D. NM) re-election campaign:

Republicans are making their tax reform their number one priority, and the more we learn about this bill, the more alarming it becomes.

Now, a group of conservatives are lobbying behind the scenes to include gutting our health care system again as part of the GOP tax reform package.

This is yet another Republican attack on affordable, accessible health care. We need to raise our voices and protest this latest assault.

Join me in urging Congress to stop all attempts to gut the ACA through tax reform. We need 5,000 supporters to sign their name to send a message. Add your name here.

Twelve months ago, the Congressional Budget Office estimated 15 million more people would be without insurance if the individual mandate is repealed.

An estimated $400 billion in federal government subsidies to help lower-income families afford health coverage also would disappear, leaving New Mexicans and families nationwide struggling.

That is why it is critical we halt this latest attack on health care. Please sign on to my petition today and send a message to Congress >>

The tax reform bill is moving fast. Please take action now so your voice can be heard.


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