KS Governor Sam Brownback Admits Tax Experiment 1.0 Failed; Promotes Experiment 2.0

“It’s late for him to engage, but if he can give us a proposal that he would not veto and we needed 21 (votes) rather than 27, it’s probably worth looking at,” Denning said. “I haven’t seen it; nothing may materialize.”

Back in February, Brownback vetoed a tax bill passed with bipartisan support that would have raised more than $1 billion over two years.

The prior legislation, which passed before the Gannon ruling, offered changes in the Governor’s 1.0 tax experiment, including the return of a 3rd tax bracket for those with more wealth. In response, the Governor has instead signaled that now is the time to embark on an all new experiment — going from 2 tax brackets to just 1.

Asked about the concept of flat-tax proposals in February, while they were under consideration in committee, many moderate Republican and all Democratic members seemed to roll their eyes at the possibility. Jim Ward, Democratic House leader, referred to the proposal as “dubious”, while Democratic Senate Leader Anthony Hensley contended these proposals were “risky with no proof it would work at all.”

But for Governor Brownback, the last minute insertion – immediately before the legislature breaks – is an ideal time to push an all new, untested, tax experiment.

Because we all know how well the first one worked out by now.

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