In OC, CA Katie Porter is Strong as Walters Raises Taxes, Slashes Health Care and ‘Ghosts’ #CA45

Katie Porter has Held 6 Town Halls, Walters none

Republicans are going to vote Republican. It’s what they do when they show up to vote. They don’t seem to mind being *not* represented. Fortunately, only 27% of Americans identify as Republican and lots of those are fleeing from this cruel and unusual cult of personality. The rest of us are scared, confused and pissed…D’s, Ind’s and the rest of us non-racists, who don’t abuse PoC. The rest of the humans on earth are disgusted and up in arms about it too.

Katie Porter is a UC Irvine Law Professor who showed interest in representing #CA45 early on. We noticed Walters had ‘ghosted’ us the day after the election. ‘Ghosting’ is when somebody disappears from your radar…stops showing up, calling or answering you in all ways…as if they never existed (e.g. “We had a great 5 dates, then he ghosted me”).

Katie attended our Town Hall on May 31, 2017, along with thousands of other people. Having heard absolutely nothing from Walters at that point, voters collected thousands of signatures on a petition to change that. The petition was delivered electronically and boxes of hard copy forms were hand delivered to all of Walters known office locations. Having heard nothing, we planned and announced a well-attended event and sent invitations everywhere we knew Walters had been photographed in, and her offices. 

With thousands in attendance, Walters didn’t care enough to show up and meet us. I’m not sure Katie decided to run before that meeting. I am pretty sure she left the event with a plan forming in her mind, though.

Porter has strong positions on “hot button” issues that Southern Californians value and prioritize.


***Health Care is a human right, everybody should be insured (ACA)

***Porter will always protect a woman’s right to choose and believes that women’s health care and birth control shouldn’t be a luxury. She will fight any efforts by Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood, restrict access to birth control, or ban the right to choose.  

***Supports reversing the tax law Walters whole-heartedly supports

***Is a “Moms Demand Action Gun Sense” Candidate and does not accept contributions from the NRA.

***Supports a ban on assault weapons so that dozens don’t die in a matter of minutes, mandatory background checks on all gun sales, and a healthcare system that provides comprehensive mental health treatment

***Katie knows that we need comprehensive immigration reform that provides a fair pathway to citizenship for those who are undocumented

***Katie will take on big oil and the corporate polluters to stop offshore drilling,

***Katie believes that quality public education is the bedrock of the American dream. She supports increasing our investment in education, expanding early childhood education and making college more affordable for our kids.

Walters (doesn’t live here):

Ghosted us after Election Day

Calls our health care “Games” on House Floor
Refused to attend our Town Hall, thousands were there to meet her
Refuses to speak with, or meet constituents who don’t have deep corporate pockets.
Moved out of District #CA45
Has never been here since, AFAIK

Constituents who tried to contact Walters were told by staffers that they didn’t know where she was, and they were painfully oblivious of her positions on any subjects we inquired about. “Where was Walters yesterday (1st Womens March)?” was something they did not know. Walters presents as pro-woman, pro-family in public.

Walters voted to:

***Repeal ACA (Obamacare)/individual mandate
          Remove protections for Pre-Existing conditions
               Everyone has these, from asthma to family members ever having cancer
               This is how things were before ACA, horrid.

***Raise Taxes (remove SALT Ded’s)
          Remove 100% of our homeowners’ State and Local Taxes (SALT) deductions

***Cut $230 billion from education and training programs

***Against children, casting a yes vote to pass H.R. 2, the Farm Bill which, among other things, strips all funding from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). CHIP defunded, too.

***Sponsored Guns Everywhere bill (h.r.38), “Reciprocal Concealed Carry permit”
Allows non-residents who have a concealed weapons permit in other states to use them here         *Overruling CA law with Fed law
Amusement Parks

***To pay for tax cuts to wealthy corporations, voted to:
Defund Medicaid (this week) $1.5 Trillion

Defund Medicare (this week) $537 Billion
Defund Social Security (this week) $4 Billion

***For Trump Tax Bill, which gave trillion dollar tax cut to the top 1% and a windfall to corporations.

Walters Voted For (and doesn’t live here):

***Farm Bill, which gutted three critical pillars: 1) It strips funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), 2) Loosens environmental regulations, and 3)Weakens animal protections.

***Work requirements for food-stamp and welfare recipients

***Transform Medicaid, the federal-state health-care program for the poor, by limiting per capita payments or allowing states to turn it into a block-grant program

***Add work requirements if enrolled in Medicaid.

Changes to Medicaid and other health programs would account for $1.5 TRILLION stolen from our taxes to pay for the tax cuts to the wealthy.

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