I just paid more in taxes in one year than you know who has in 20.

Based on what we know, that is.  We know Mr. Trump brags about not paying taxes, so in the off chance he is telling the truth this “one” time, I can make this assumption.

I am not rich, by any means.  My effective tax rate is 18% federal.  Gross income before any deductions times 18% is what I paid.

I dont mind paying my taxes even though much of it goes to a defense industry  which I think is filled with corruption and theft and greed and unnecessary waste.

I hear some are talking about a revolt on tax day, sounds like a good idea to me.  Personally I cant go down that road, I cant worry about being harassed and do the work I need to do at the same time,  so I chickened out and paid.  

But I will be at the protests, marches and I will talk on and on about this fascist in the White House.  None of it will make a damn bit of difference, however, if we continue to insist on purity tests for Democratic candidates.  If we do that, there is no chance of getting the WH or the government back, ever.

So I say challenge the liar in chief at every turn, do what you can, but at the end of the day, ALWAYS only vote for Democrats.  Always.

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