Here’s How We Overthrow the Dictator Occupying the White House

Feeling scattered? Overwhelmed?

Not sure which issue to attack first?

Me too. And I gotta think our Senators and Representatives feel the same way.

How do we fight so many battles at once?

Answer: you don’t.

You may have noticed the Women’s March, amazing and inspiring as it was, had a very diffuse message. There were signs about immigrants, equal pay, pro-choice, etc. etc. It was fun and organic, but not really clear what was being asked or who we were asking. 

You gotta pick your battles.

I heard a great conservative pundit last night who recommended we narrow down our “asks” to just 2:

1) The Treasury must release Tweeto’s tax returns (forget asking him to do it- demand the Treasury do it, and make it a law going forward that all Presidents must do so).

2) we want an independent investigation with subpoena power, done by respected military intelligence into Russia’s interference in our election. He suggests Madeleine Albright and Michael Chertoff.

He said the reason the Occupy movement was ineffective is that is was about too many things.

We need to focus.

If we all narrow down to these 2 demands, we can make both those things happen.

Bannon’s strategy is to exhaust us and cause chaos.

If we see those tax returns and prove what happened with Russia, everything else they are trying to do will be defeated.

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