GOP ‘deficit hawks’ explain why ballooning the deficit is actually a good thing now

The math is hurting GOP Rep. Mark Meadows’ brain.

You knew this was coming—all those supposed conservative “deficit hawks” who railed against President Obama’s budgets suddenly jumping aboard the tax cut train on the way to a mountain of national debt. Well, it’s happening. Take Donald Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney, for instance, once “one of the House’s proudest fiscal hawks.”

“Our OMB guy, I say this with humor, what happened to him?” [Republican Sen. Bob] Corker said in an interview. “Do you understand what I’m saying? He used to be the fiscal hawk.”

In fact, this Politico article is chalk full of Republicans explaining their newfound embrace of deficit spending. Here’s one dodge: It’s all about Republican “sacrificing” for the good of taxpayers.

“In order to make good on our campaign tax promise, there probably are going to be some sacrifices made from an ideological perspective,” said senior House Budget Committee member Steve Womack (R-Ark.), a longtime deficit hawk.

“I believe that the biggest remedy for our fiscal situation is growth in the economy,” he added. “I am not averse to some deficit spending in order to create long-term sustained growth.”

How very charitable of Womack. Then there’s this one: If you just look at the red ink from the right angle, it turns black, I swear.

“I believe Corker is going to get to the place where I am: If you do the models and look at this right, it pays for itself,” said Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.).

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