From Marketing Exec- 3 Things to Hammer Home to Public About Tax Bill

Friday Nov 03, 2017

11:54 AM PDT



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“Our donors will love us!”

“Our donors will love us!”

So far the Democrats response to the Republican tax bill is ineffective from a marketing perspective. As someone who has spent the past 30 years helping companies create effective messaging, I can tell you that Dems will lose the messaging battle if they don’t switch to a more simple and repetitive message. Consumers are most impacted by simple statements in a group of 3. Adding more than 3 begins a process of diminishing returns and weakens the argument.  For the most impact, know that we respond more emotionally to a loss of something that is personal. In this case, student loans affect our children and grandchildren. Healthcare deduction loss affects just about every low and moderate income person. The third is optional but I suggest a comment about Trump family will gain $500 million since he is very unpopular and it feeds the overall narrative of greed.

The more democrats try to explain the intricacies of the changes, as they are  prone to do, they lose precious time in the messaging war taking place right now. This is a race to fill the information vacuum and simple/repetitive always wins. Confusion benefits  the Republicans. If you have access to any prominent democratic leaders please get this post to them. 

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