Echoing Trump, Huckabee Sanders slams Republican lawmakers for being ‘all talk and no action’

Usually White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is charged with putting a more palatable veneer on the many ill-advised, distasteful, and often repugnant utterances of her boss Donald Trump. But when asked at Friday’s press conference about Trump’s extended war with Republican lawmakers in the Senate, Sanders didn’t moderate a bit.  

With such slim majorities in the chamber, a reporter inquired about the wisdom of regularly blasting Sens. Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, John McCain, and Bob Corker.

Q: What is the end game for the president? What does that do for him in terms of trying to move his legislative agenda forward when he criticizes these important people given the majorities are so slim in the Senate…

Sanders: I think it’s clear that the end game is for Congress to do its job and actually pass legislation. I think the American people are very frustrated with Congress’s lack of action—and for years they’ve been all talk and no action. We’re looking for them to step up at this point.

Actually pass legislation … ouch! Sorry, McConnell, et al—the White House just threw you under the bus as a matter of policy. It’s not just Trump burning off some early morning steam on the commode before an intervention can be mounted, it’s an actual talking point now—a strategy, as it were.

Don’t worry, though, Trump’s gonna add his special touch to the tax reform effort next week in Missouri. He’s here to help!

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