Conway claims that Trump will release tax returns after audit, but who believes her?

CBS News is reporting that Kellyanne Conway is now claiming that Trump will release his tax returns after his audit is complete.

We all know that Conway will say anything, so we shouldn’t take this statement at face value. In fact, we should assume she means the opposite: Trump will never release his tax returns. The IRS has confirmed that being audited has no bearing on being able to release tax returns, so this line has been bullshit from the very start. But yesterday she was saying he wouldn’t release his returns because he won the election so people obviously don’t care because they elected him without seeing the returns. “It’s already been litigated.” So why change the narrative now?

Here’s what I think just happened: They blinked. The overwhelming size of the Women’s March protests got their attention. Then right away, there was a move to organize another protest on April 15 (the Saturday before tax day) to demand Trump release his returns. I’m guessing they really don’t want another record-breaking protest dominating the news. But if Trump has promised to release his returns, then we don’t need the protest to demand that. They are trying to prevent the protest by removing the reason for it. Let’s not fall for that.

But by all means, let’s keep up the protesting. It appears to be working.

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