CBO: 80% of benefit from Trump tax cuts will go to foreigners

Friday April 13, 2018

12:49 AM PDT



According to the non-partisan (Republican founded, Republican-run) Congressional Budget Office, 80% of the benefits from the Republican tax cuts will ultimately go to foreign entities.  America First indeed.  According to the CBO’s analysis, 34% of the benefits are going to foreign entities already and 80% will go to foreign entities in the long term.  

Maybe this is why tax policy experts don’t advocate for the kind of corporate tax cuts Republicans pushed for even though corporate taxes are acknowledged to generate little revenue and have a slight negative impact on the economy (when first imposed.  Evidence is lacking that cutting them after the fact has any benefit).  Taxing income and corporate income with too much disparity greatly favors foreign investors who aren’t subject to the latter.  Too bad Republicans don’t even listen to their own experts.  Such is the outcome when an anti-intellectual party where Paul Ryan is regarded as a visionary vomits out policy.  

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