Cartoon: Class Warfare — Republican Style!

Script: Bill Prendergast Art: Dan Murphy

They never caught on; and the pinheads will never catch on no matter how many times it’s explained to them: federal deficit spending to create jobs and prosperity in their districts…

…is  that “government redistribution of wealth,” “a liberal ‘big government program’ to keep them afloat” they say they despise, because they are so hard-working. It’s them, “picking other taxpayer’s pockets,” to help them.

…and it’s not the cutting of taxes that can create prosperity in their districts. It’s the infusion of government spending that can create that prosperity: “the big government in our lives,” that conservatives and tea party and pointy headed libertarians in those districts say they despise.

I drive cross country sometimes, heading west. In some western states it’s hundreds of miles before between hospitals or a grocery store selling fresh vegetables. And I know from reading that their next generation is leaving the farms and small towns.

But these families and individuals keep voting Republican, they have since the 90’s. They don’t associate their downfall with the party that’s been representing them in Congress since the Gingrich era, and they don’t want to know that they only way out for them and their kids depends on the liberals they want to despise.

They continue to take their news and their understanding of politics from conservative and evangelical talk radio. That continues to fail them, decade after decade, costing them and their kids a lifetime of opportunities.

They see the failure of that worldview in their own communities, every day. And they finall turned on the sociopathic establishment GOP that sold them that propaganda. But rather than concede to the reality of their dependence on liberal governance: they now choose something even worse.
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