CALL FOR ACTION Re: Trump’s Russian Connections

Will he be useless on Judiciary Committee too?

Rep. Jerry Nadler has used a little known rule to try to start an investigation into Trump’s Russian ties.  If passed, it would give (from what I understand) a pretty wide latitude into looking into Trump’s businesses and finances, possibly including his federal tax returns.  

Of course, the Republicans don’t want this to happen, so they are shunting his request to the House Judiciary Committee, which can decide to bury it.  Just as when the GOP tried to eliminate the Ethics Office, people need to call their representatives NOW to tell them that we know what they are doing and that the investigation needs to proceed, or at least go to the House for a vote, so that there is a record of who was for and against an investigation.  The current time frame for the Judiciary Committee to bury this is next Tuesday (2/28), so calls need to be made now. 

Rep. Bob Goodlatte is the Chairman.  And of course Jason Chaffetz, known for ignoring any issue regarding Trump, is also on the Committee.  A link to a list of the members is below, along with an article from Politico and an article from The Hill regarding the likelihood that Republicans will try their best to avoid any action to investigate Trump, unless people rise up to tell them that we know what they are trying to do, and that we want an investigation.…

Please take a few minutes to call or email at least one (or more) members of the Judiciary Committee, as well as your own House Representative.  Do it before Tuesday — let’s make this an avalanche of opposition that they CAN’T ignore.  And share this info with your networks.  Thank you!…

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